Welcome to Maharaja SurajMal Institute of Education & Research

This institute was established in April 1994 in village Rangpur Maulanian, south west of Tehsil R.S.Pura town, 26 Kilometers from Jammu on Indo-Pak border in a rural pocket. This institution was solely and exclusively mooted by exigency and dire needs of the local people. This infant institution is sering the cause of sections, downtrodden, have-nots and less inferior mortals and suffering of unprovoked Pakistani’s firing.
The institute is catering to the needs of about 60, 000 population. The school started with just 18 students in April 94 and has reached amazing heights with nearly 800 students in just 7 years. This institute has reached to an extra ordinary infrastructure and innovative instruction and has made aniche for itself among the top ranking schools in Jammu.


The school is meant to impart education to the budding generation to uplift them physically and mentally. The nature and contents of education will be secular and nationalistic.
The educational philosophy depends on :-

  • The nature of good life to which the education should lead.
  • The nature of man himself because it is the man we are educating
  • The nature of society because education is a social process.
  • The nature of ultimate reality. Efforts are continuously being made to achieve these goals in its pursuits of excellence to develop a harmonious personality of a child.